Quality Policy

In order to satisfy a wide range of customer needs, Silicon Library Inc. promises to provide the best QCD with a flexible and dynamic approach.

We promise to provide the following methodologies to maintain high quality systems:

  • Continuous progress
  • Process approach
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Accordingly
  • Positive consideration for environmental protection

Environmental Consideration

Silicon Library Inc. acknowledges that Global Environmental Protection in the semiconductor industry is a very important issue. We believe that taking an active part in the health and safety of the global environment, as well as we avoid waste of our natural resources, is our duty and also that of our employees.

Environmental Policy

  • In business activity, we are committed to rules and regulations which are related to environmental protections.
  • Silicon Library Inc. analyzes the overall life cycle of its products in an effort to save the green nature, prevent industrial pollution, minimize industrial wastes and save natural resources and energy.
  • In our business activity, we engage in Environmental Management Systems to ensure continual improvement toward maintaining PDCA.
  • We support environmental protection activities and social contributions by educating and defining our employee responsibilities and adhering to environmental issues in all areas.