About Us

An IP vendor that develops and sells physical IP for semiconductor design

ConceptAiming to keep providing better services

We considered high-speed analog technology such as high-speed interface technology, which is the basic technology of digital consumers, and wireless technology as key technologies. With these technologies at the core, we aim to provide sophisticated and unique services not only to developing Asian customers, but also to customers from all over the world who share the same aspirations.

Our Feature

We are a provider of the following high-speed interface technology solutions required for digital consumers, IOT, AI, automotive SOC, etc.
・ Based on reliable technology backed by our abundant experience in high-speed interfaces, we provide cutting-edge standardized IP including HDMI.
・Based on the customer’s requirements, it is compiled as specifications and proposed and developed with its own architecture.
・ In addition to analog design, customization of the digital section according to customer requirements is possible.
・ We support customers with a consistent system from specification, design, prototype to evaluation.
-A high-speed wireless communication solution based on a unique technology using unique millimeter waves can make a wired high-speed interface wireless.


We employ sophisticated verification systems to guarantee the performance of the technology provided.
・ Thorough simulation verification
・ Sophisticated circuit layout and physical verification
・ Thorough verification in silicon
Only after these steps will the IP be guaranteed.