Welcome to Silicon Library Inc. (SLI). Silicon Library is a provider of High Speed Interface semiconductor of both chip and IP solutions.
The company is currently focusing on the development of HDMI V1.3 both TX and RX; both of which are highly in demand by leading consumer electronics industries.

Unlike other general Logic IP designs, this interface function is made of PHY and Link blocks. The PHY block of High Speed Interface is composed of several precise and high speed operational elements, such as PLL, DLL, and IO buffers.
These components are designed and tuned by our highly skilled engineers who have complex analog and digital mixed mode circuit techniques.
Implementation of Link block requires broad range knowledge of Audio and Visual application algorithms used in the consumer electronics industry and deep RTL design experience for such complex protocols.
SLI is comprised of top world class engineers who come from several major Japanese IDMs. We are highly motivated with strong challenging spirits and are dedicated to delivering the highest quality semiconductor products to major consumer electronics industries.

SLI has a very unique existence in the Japanese semiconductor industry. Unlike Silicon Valley in California, Japan has very few start-up companies in the semiconductor industry. Usually, Japanese semiconductor companies are gigantic and have all level of design and manufacturing process internally.

There are almost no semiconductor companies which only focus on the IP design that are actively conduction business in Japan. As a result, customers are reluctantly looking abroad for IP solutions. Now SLI is the solution because we, SLI, now provide very competitive rates. Furthermore, we produce and provide state of the art IP.

As we become more known, more customers contact us and eventually will license IP from SLI. Unlike other IP providers, SLI provides both Link and PHY functions together as an optimally integrated solution. This advantage means one vendor for the customer. In order to endorse the quality of IP, SLI has its own experienced test team and test equipment to verify the IP which is implemented in actual silicon.

Our engineering teams are located in both Japan and USA in order to support customers directly. Our goal is to satisfy the customer by not only bringing high quality IP, but also by providing extensive support for IP that will seamlessly fit into your SOC design.

SLI sets customer satisfaction and prompt delivery of products as its top priority. Our motto is “exceed customer expectations”.

Thank you.