Management Member

Chief Executive Officer/President

Junzoh Shimizu

1979 joined NEC Corporation. Then moved to ULSI Device Research Department, System LSI Design Department, Fundamental Technical Design Development, followed by establishing Silicon Library Inc. in June of 2005. 11 patent acquisition. Mr. Shimizu holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Chief technical officer/Director of Analog Design

Shouichi Yoshizaki

1986 joined Matsushita Electronics, where he was engaged in Analog design and Library design. He was responsible for High Speed Interface Development at Panasonic Technology for 8 years. He joined Silicon Library as Manager of Engineering in October of 2005. 5 patent acquisition in Japan, 8 in USA. Mr. Yoshizaki graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering.

Outside director

Yuichi Shimizu

1977 Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 1978 Semiconductor Research Laboratory, Matsushita Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. 1998 Deputy General Manager 4th Research Department Electronic Research Institute,Matsushita Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. 2005 The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University. 2020 Assumed the position of Outside Director of Silicon Library Inc. Mr. Shimizu holds a Masters Degree at Kyoto University.

Outside director

Kazuhisa Sasaki

Joined Nippon Steel Corporation in 1992, 1999 Joined THine Electronics Co., Ltd. and served as the first business development unit, ,Sales Planning Manager, Product Planning Manager, and Development Manager. After serving as an executive officer, the current company Director. 2016 Assumed the position of Outside Director of Silicon Library Inc.


Kiyoshi Hutamura

Joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (currently Panasonic Corporation) in 1965. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Kitchen System Business Department General Manager, Audit Department Group Team Leader, 2006 Family Co., Ltd.General Manager of Administration Division 2008 Panasonic Accounting Support Co., Ltd. Accounting Management Group Manager 2011 Advisor of Northwest Trading Co., Ltd. and Del Pan Japan Co., Ltd. 2013 Assumed the position of Part-time auditor of Silicon Library Inc.