Junzoh Shimizu
Chief Executive Officer/President 

1979 joined NEC Corporation. Then moved to ULSI Device Research Department, System LSI Design Department, Fundamental Technical Design Development, followed by establishing Silicon Library Inc. in June of 2005.  11 patent acquisition.  Mr. Shimizu holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering at Nagoya Institute of Technology. 

Shouichi Yoshizaki
Director of Analog Design 

1986 joined Matsushita Electronics, where he was engaged in Analog design and Library design.  He was responsible for High Speed Interface Development at Panasonic Technology for 8 years.  He joined Silicon Library as Manager of Engineering in October of 2005.  5 patent acquisition in Japan, 8 in USA.  Mr. Yoshizaki graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Department of Materials Engineering. 

Kunihiko Takei

1983 joined Bank of Yokohama.  From there he moved Yokohama City Securities Co., Ltd. followed by joining to TUNAMI Network Partners in 2005.  Mr. Takei graduated from Chuo University of Department of Economics.